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    Blum clip-top bluemotion

    CLIP top BLUMOTION: innovative technology integrated into the hinge boss
    Having won international awards for design excellence, CLIP top BLUMOTION brings together innovative technology and ease of motion within the smallest space due to the fact that BLUMOTION has been integrated into the hinge boss.

    The wide range of hinges offered by Blum makes it possible to find the perfect solution for almost every single overlay application, with integrated BLUMOTION. It ensures that the motion of every door is elegant. Silent and effortless. If required, BLUMOTION can be easily deactivated.

    Advantages at a glance:
    BLUMOTION integrated into the hinge boss – deactivation possible
    Inspiring ease of motion for every door
    The ultimate in design elegance
    Compatible with existing mounting plates

    Blum Legrabox

    The elegant box system is characterised by a slim design with straight sides and a particularly high quality of motion. Its streamlined design has already won several international awards.
    LEGRABOX is as wide-ranging as the concept of ‘home’ itself; it can be used for any application in any part of the home.

    A new quality of motion
    The LEGRABOX cabinet profile is a new runner system, which has been developed to combine a sleek design with outstanding running characteristics. This quality of motion can be felt from the moment you open the cabinet.
    Minimal opening force and a synchronised smooth running action add a new feeling of smoothness and quality of motion. The proven BLUMOTION technology produces an emotional sensation with its silent and effortless closing action

    Impressively slim with a thickness of just 12.8 mm.
    BLUMOTION for silent and effortless closing
    The completely new runner system gives LEGRABOX an even higher quality of motion and a high load bearing capacity.