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Gacaferi uses SINKS that stand out for their advanced aesthetic style and completely ergonomic design. They offer great functionality and a widely differentiated range, single or double bowl, with or without drainer, available in different shapes and sizes. SINKS are entirely made of stainless steel and guarantee maximum hygiene and resistance to corrosion.


Sink Bowls

Kitchen sinks can be single or double, of the same dimensions or of two different sizes, with or without a drain board, or a single sink with a drain board, a practical solution when most of the dishes are handled by the dishwasher.

Sink Forms

Forms vary from rectangular to square to round, with sharp or softer lines, and a range of different depths.


Standard sink bowl dimensions are in the range of 40×37 cm, whether single or double, though much larger sinks are also available; the largest can reach up to 80 cm. The deeper the bowl, the more the sink can hold, concealing dirty dishes from view while cooking and making for splash free wash up.