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31.05.18 Gloria New kitchen design by Gacaferi

GloriaClearly divided functional areas with directly assigned easily accessible unit space guarantee an efficient workflow. The kitchen space is divided into functional areas. The kitchen peninsula connects one part of the kitchen with another where in between there is plenty of space in the tall units to store items and accommodate appliances.

08.12.17 Gacaferi is now making its kitchen worktops in FENIX NTM™

FENIX NTMTM A great innovation. Gacaferi is now making its kitchen worktops in FENIX NTM too – the new, futuristic, 100% Made in Italy material based on the latest thermoplastic resin. Thanks to the use of applied nanotechnology, it’s even self-healing. The new Gacaferi kitchen worktops have amazing properties: they self-heal any tiny scratches simply […]

01.11.17 Epoca new kitchen design by: Gacaferi

Chic, always and forever, new kitchen design by GACAFERI. The framed doors and the comfortably curved handles bring old flavors back to life, giving a modern twist to that soft, sweet feeling of home: so natural, so much part of our memories. The kitchen just like a workshop organized in several functional areas distinguished by […]